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If you need finance for your development, here at Development Money we can find the right lender for you.

Simply give us a ring where you can speak to one of our advisors, or send us an email outlining your situation.

Once we have note of your needs we will ask you to fill in our application form, and provide us a list of requirements:

  • Planning permission document
  • S106/CIL documents
  • Architects drawings
  • Build costs/Development cash flows
  • GDV evidence in the form of 2 or 3 agent letters

One of our brokers can then offer you a range of terms to choose from provided by the many lenders we have a relationship with.

Here at Development Money we have brokers located throughout England, with a combination of experience ranging from banking, broking, and insurance. Our aim is to give clients our expertise from a range of backgrounds in order to give you a service which is not only quick and easy, but also top quality!

What Development Finance options are open for you?

A development loan takes into account the Gross Development Value (GDV) from due diligence, agents re-sale information which is later re-enforced by a lenders panel valuer.  Construction and Conversion costs and purchase price of the plot or structure your are buying are taken into consideration on your project unless you already own it and it is unencumbered.  Normally we can roll up the interest for the project however we have options where our borrowers can service the loan we arrange, subject to affordability.

Commercial and Semi-commercial Property Developments

Finance for these areas includes any type of Commercial units such as Care Homes, Hotels, Apart Hotels, Well Being Retreats, Conference Centres, Offices, Shops, Factories, Churches and Castles  etc. or Semi commercial units, typically shops with flats above.

Finance can be raised on these asset classes to purchase the site and develop out of the ground STPP with immediate effect or extend or convert the class of specification.

Residential Property Development (Single/Multi Asset Development Sites)

Residential Property Finance is provided when the client wants to build from the ground up, extend what is already there, or improve the property for whatever reason but cannot get finance required from their current bank or building society.  This could ideally be a plot that sits on its own title or split away from another title with outline or full planning permission.  The plot could potentially be granted planning permission for a single dwelling or a development of houses (cul de sac/medium-large development site) potentially from a brown or greenfield site.  We can also look at a housing structure that can be converted to apartments or even the reverse and back to it's original dwelling.  Development on this basis is normally completed on a commercial basis and is generally not for owner occupation otherwise would be a regulated mortgage that you would require.

Commercial to Residential Developments

Often we see these opportunities where borrowers are looking for an alternative asset structure ripe for development which will include, getting change of use and planning gain on a Commercial unit for Residential purposes of which a Residential Development loan is their route forward from a Commercial Bridge set up.  Many of our clients prefer to go the option route for certainty however this is not always the preferred route of the seller.

Property Renovation/Refurbishment Loans (including Houses, Barn conversions/Chapel and Methodist Churches)

This is where properties require full renovations from the straight forward 2 bedroom, 2 storey asset to the derelict buildings such as a property consisting of 4 walls but without windows, doors, or a roof. If the project is being completed for owner occupation, then it will be an FCA regulated mortgage that you require. If the renovation is to be sold after completion or held on a Buy To Let Mortgage for investment purposes, then the project is not FCA regulated.

Development Money are an FCA regulated brokerage and as such can raise finance on any development project whether this is a residential or commercial new build or conversion or refurbishing an existing residential or commercial property we work with our clients throughout the whole project.  This commences from an initial fact find, face to face, through email or over the telephone and where possible, site visits, preparation of lender requirements/documentation, obtaining of lender approval and continual help and support (as required) to ensure the project stays on track and that funds are released when needed.

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We offer loans from £26,000 - £50,000,000 at market leading rates.

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